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      Andrea Bernardes
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      Denise de Andrade
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      Edilaine Castania Amadio Domingues
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The faculty members in the Graduate Program in Fundamental Nursing maintain international partnerships that result from agreements established between the College of Nursing, University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto (EERP-USP) and higher education institutions in different countries. In addition to these agreements, there are also partnerships between faculty members from the graduate program and international researchers.

The partnerships’ main goal is to increase the mobility of both professors and students between the involved institutions and conduct collaborative research. The following are ongoing partnerships:

-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Nursing – China. This partnership’s main objective is to apply teaching and research technologies in health and nursing. It is coordinated by Dr. Isabel Amélia Costa Mendes (PPGEF) and by Dr. Thomas Wong (Hong Kong);

- Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau – China. The primary goals of this partnership include improving the knowledge of nursing professors and students; encouraging cooperation in research and the dissemination of results. It is coordinated by Dr. Isabel Amélia Costa Mendes (PPGEF) and Dr. Ma Iao Lai (Macau);

- University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing – Canada.  The objectives of this partnership are mainly directed to programs that facilitate the mobility of professors, undergraduate and graduate students, and the development of joint research activities. In Brazil, it is coordinated by Dr. Isabel Amélia Costa Mendes and by Dr. Judy Mill in Canada.

- Agostinho Neto University (UAN), Higher Institute of Nursing -  Angola:
In 2005, an agreement was established with EERP-USP with the general objective of enabling the participation of faculty members in teaching and research missions in the Agostinho Neto University.

- University of Washington – United States of America. Drs. Lídia Aparecida Rossi and Rosana Aparecida Spadoti Dantas collaborate with Dr. Márcia Ciol, who periodically participates in the graduate course ERG-5895 Statistical Principles in Planning Clinical Trials in the Health Field conducting collaborative research;

- University of California at San Francisco – United States of America. Dr. Maria Helena Palucci Marziale collaborates with Dr. Oi-Saeng Hong. The partnership has facilitated the development of collaborative research and participation in graduate courses.

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