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International Candidates

The University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto, College of Nursing offers three graduate programs (Master’s and Doctoral) directed to the education of nurses, health professionals, and professionals from related fields. To be admitted into one of the programs, international candidates must participate in a selection program.
The Master’s Program addresses formal graduate studies that qualify human resources for teaching and research activities in nursing, health and other related fields.
To obtain a Master’s degree, students must, in the last stage of the program, present a thesis produced with the advice of an accredited professor. This thesis may derive from a theoretical or bibliographic study, field research and/or an experimental study.
A Master’s Thesis is a text produced under supervision and demonstrates the candidate’s capacity to critically systematize the existing literature concerning the studied topic and an ability to use methods and techniques of scientific, technological or artistic investigation.
The Doctoral Program addresses formal graduate studies designed to educate highly qualified researchers to produce scientific knowledge in nursing, health and related fields.
To obtain a Doctoral Degree, students must, in addition to obtaining academic credits, present a dissertation produced in the final stage of their program with the advice of an accredited professor. This dissertation may originate from a theoretical study, field or experimental research. A Doctoral Dissertation refers to an investigational study that provides an original contribution to the state-of-the-art of the studied topic.

Credits Requirements:
Candidates for a Master’s Degree are required to complete at least 96 credits (1,440 hours): at least 30 course credits and 66 thesis credits.
Candidates for a Doctoral Degree (and who do not already have a Master’s Degree) must complete at least 192 credits (2,880 hours): at least 58 course credits and 134 thesis credits.

Deadlines for completing the Master’s and Doctoral Programs are:
-    the Master’s program must be completed within 30 months;
-    those with a Master’s degree enrolled in a Doctoral program must conclude the program within 42 months;
-    Doctoral students without a Master’s degree must conclude the program within 60 months.

Selection Process:
The selection process for international students occurs in the following modalities:
-    with a scholarship from the Student Program - Graduate Agreement subsidized by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (PEC-PG/CAPES): the research project and résumé are analyzed by the program according to an instrument used for regular demand. Students admitted through this program must present proficiency in English prior to the qualification exam;
-    Candidates without a scholarship or with scholarship/funding from their institution of origin must apply to the selection process in two modes: yearly (Master’s and Doctorate) and year-round (Doctorate) with three stages: analysis of the research project, analysis of résumé and an interview. Master’s and Doctoral Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English through a certificate of approval on a test performed in institutions recognized by the Graduate Program Committee.
International candidates are required to provide proof of proficiency in Portuguese at the time of application to the selection process through a certificate of proficiency CELPE-BRAS (Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese Language for Foreigners developed and conferred by the Ministry of Education) or present documentation attesting enrollment in any supervised training program and/or educational program for at least one year in educational and/or research institutions in Portuguese-speaking countries.


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