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Student Mobility Program for Graduate Students

1.   National Council for Scientific and Technological Development - CNPq: sandwich doctoral program [Partial Doctoral Fellowship] - SWP. Click here for more information:

2.   Coordination for the improvement of Higher Education Personnel – CAPES:  Doctoral Supervised Training – PDEE (sandwich). Click here for more information  

3.   SANTANDER BANESPA Program – Support: Vice-Presidency Graduate Program at USP. The International Program for Graduate Student Mobility provided 40 scholarships in 2008 for doctoral students to participate in five months of supervised training starting in March in universities in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, with the support of SANTANDER/BANESPA. The grant is € 1,000 for the airline tickets and five installments, specifically one installment of  € 750 and four of €700.

Basic Requirement to apply to the SANTADER PROGRAM

Graduate students who have completed at least one year of the program may apply. The date of return to Brazil must be at least nine months prior to the final date to deposit the thesis.


The following documents must be presented:

Research project and remaining activities to be developed in the international university;

Justification to perform the exchange, provided by the advisor;

Approval from the international supervisor;

Student’s file.


Selection of graduate students

First phase – The graduate program committee analyzes and gives priorities to the applications

Second phase – Analysis and selection of candidates by the International Mobility Committee and Graduate Vice-Presidency.

Additional Observations

There are no requirements such as proof of proficiency in foreign language;


List of partner universities


Universidad de Barcelona –
Universidad de Granada –
Universidad de Murcia –
Universidad de Vigo –
Universidad de Sevilla –
Autonomous University of Madrid -
Universidad de Zaragoza -
Universidad de Valladolid -
Autonomous University of Barcelona -
Universidad de Valencia -
Universidad de Salamanca -
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela -
Universidad Complutense -
Polytechnic University of Madrid -
Polytechnic University of Valencia -
Polytechnic University of Catalunya -

University of Lisboa -
University of  Algarve -
University of Coimbra -
University of Porto -
University of Aveiro -
Universidade do Minho -
Universidade Nova de Lisboa -
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa -
Polytechnic Institute of Lisboa -

Universidad de Buenos Aires -


Universidad do Chile:


National Autonomous University of Mexico:


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