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  • General information
    • Coodinator
      Profa.Dra. Luciane Sá de Andrade
    • Vice-Coordenadora
      Profa.Dra. Adriana Inocenti Miasso
    • Secretary
      Adriana Borela Bortoletti Arantes
    • Telephone
      +55 16 3315 3456
    • E-mail
The partnership of the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto College of Nursing with the Anti-Drug National Secretary (SENAD) and the University of São Paulo Foundation (FUSP) was established to conduct programs to qualify researchers at a national level (especially in the north, northeast and mid-west) and at an international level (Latin America, the Caribbean and Portuguese speaking countries in Africa).
The Program has stood out given the creation and strengthening of research groups addressing alcohol and other psychoactive drugs in 18 countries, contributing to the education of Human Resources in Brazil (32 graduates), Mexico (25), Colombia (16), Bolivia (15), Ecuador and Peru (both with 13 graduates), Argentina and Chile (both with 13 graduates), Argentina and Chile (both with 12 graduates), Honduras (9), Nicaragua (7), Venezuela (8), Africa (4 – Angola, 4 - Cape Verde, and 3 Mozambique) and Costa Rica (6).
Agreement established among SENAD/UFSC/UERJ/UFRJ/Nursing Undergraduate Program at the ABC Medical School and Psychiatric Nursing and Human Sciences Department for the Development of research on women, violence, and drug use in Brazil, subsidized by SENAD and involving five public universities (southeast and south).

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