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Public Health Nursing

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    • Coordinator
      Profa. Dra. Flavia Azevedo Gomes-Sponholz
    • Deputy Coordinator
      Profa. Dra. Aline Aparecida Monroe
    • Secretary
      Edilene Aparecida Foleto
    • Telephone
      +55 16 3315 3478
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The Program Public Health Nursing was initiated in 1991 with the Master’s Degree and later in 1998 it included the Doctoral Degree. It is a multi-disciplinary program since its origin and meets a demand of nurses and other professionals working in the health and related fields. The education of masters and doctors evidences its importance in the regional and national contexts meeting social needs and promoting changes of care systems through research and intervention.

The “conducting wire” of the Program is Collective Health, an interdisciplinary and multi-professional field not restricted to a theoretical foundation but to the set of natural, social and formal sciences. During education, the health disease continuum is considered from the social determination theory including the subjectivity and historicity in the constitution of social subjects. Care is considered as meeting universal and specific needs, grounded on science, technology, ethics and philosophy. 

In the quadrennium (2013-2017), the Program consolidated an important stage of its academic maturity and received the grade 7 in the CAPES evaluation, a fact that reveals the recognition of its excellence in the national and international scope. Effort is being implemented to broaden international partnerships with increased capitation of resources and international publication.

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