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Psychiatric Nursing and Human Sciences

  • General information
    • Head
      Profa. Dra. Lucilene Cardoso
    • Deputy Head
      Prof. Dr. Fabio Scorsolini-Comin
    • Secretary
      Ricardo de Oliveira Lima
    • Telephone
      16 3315-3390
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The Department of Psychiatric Nursing and Human Sciences, established on March 12 1970, develops undergraduate and graduate (Master’s and Doctoral degrees) programs and promotes the advancement of science, education, health practice, and extension and community services in the nursing areas within its scope. The Department’s mission is to contribute to the training of Nurses and Researchers focused on Mental Health, Human Sciences and Natural Sciences, in hope of being protagonists of the comprehensive health care process to individual and collective health, valuing interdisciplinarity and integration among teaching, research and extension, and encouraging critical and reflective posture. Its mission is built, disseminated and applied considering the internal specificities (available human resources and training peculiarities) and external demands with the needs of the institution, trends in education, transformation of the knowledge areas and its relations. 
The department’s vision is to be a national and international reference in teaching, research and care in mental health in view of the interrelation with Human Sciences and Natural Sciences. 
Currently, the DEPCH comprises 20 faculty members in RDIDP, being 10 Lecturers, 8 Associate Professors, and 2 Full Professors. In addition, it is also composed by five technical staff: four nurses specialized in psychiatric nursing and one licensed nurse to work with basic education and professional education in nursing courses.

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