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Maternal-Infant Nursing and Public Health

  • General information
    • Head
      Profa. Dra. Lucila Castanheira Nascimento
    • Deputy Head
      Profa. Dra. Cinira Magali Fortuna
    • Secretary
      Olânia Santos
    • Telephone
      16 3315-3391
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The Department of Maternal-Infant and Public Health Nursing was founded on June 26th 1985. It offers Undergraduate and Graduate (Master’s and Ph.D.) education based on the conformation of interdisciplinary knowledge and multiprofessional collective health practices. Its mission is to prepare professionals who serve as protagonists and leaderships in the comprehensive care process for individual and collective health, valuing interdisciplinarity and integration between teaching, research and community services in its different Knowledge Areas: Public Health Nursing: Primary Health Policies and Care: Child and Adolescent Health Nursing; Women’s Health Nursing; Biological Sciences Applied to Health; Statistics Applied to Health and Epidemiology.

To consolidate and develop its activities, the Department has at its disposal 36 faculty: 06 Full Professors, 11 Associated Professors and 19 Junior Professors, besides 8 Laboratory Specialists/Nurses and 5 administrative servants.

At undergraduate level, the Department is responsible for 58 subjects, 26 in the Nursing Bachelor Program and 32 in the Nursing Bachelor and Teaching Diploma Program, preparing generalist nurses.

At graduate level (Master’s and Ph.D.), it qualifies nurses and other professionals from related areas, with Primary Health Care (PHC) as the guideline. In this context, different research groups are coordinated and 31 subjects are offered in the Public Health Nursing Program, affiliated with the following research lines: Child and adolescent care, Women’s health care in the lifecycle, Genomics and immunobiology applied to public health, Health practices, knowledge and policies, Health-disease process and epidemiology and Environmental health. The Department is also responsible for subjects in the Inter-unit Doctoral Program in Nursing, which the University of São Paulo School of Nursing and EERP-USP offer jointly.

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